Monday, September 20, 2010

Review of Love Always Theory

Theron Kennedy's poetry impresses, as much for its simplicity as it is for its hidden complexity. Using everyday language, casual punctuation, and a relaxed voice, Mr. Kennedy puts the reader at ease, allowing them to feel a sense of friendly camaraderie before they slowly come to realize that the easy-to-read format is merely a disguise, and that each poem is built with layer after layer of philosophical questioning.

Love Always Theory is a masterpiece of subtlety, rhyme, and emotion. Kennedy speaks of life and love in a plain way that will resonate deeply with readers. The book is full of raw emotion, questioning life, love and the very nature of being. It is both heartbreaking and profound.

The book is well rounded in tone, as Kennedy explores his place in the world at large, and as a lover, in particular. His slyly hidden meanings are shaken loose by the depth of feeling the reader experiences when reading his work. What, at first seemed a simple poem, becomes an intricate puzzle as it is read and reread.

Kennedy uses his love of music to employ rhyme and rhythm that keep his poems flowing so well that they seem to carry their own music with them. His unique style and voice blend to create a beautifully written exploration of the world, particularly the meaning of life and love. Love Always Theory is a book not to be missed by anyone dedicated to the art of poetry.