Tuesday, September 21, 2010


How can you smile
the way you do
how can you not
miss me like i
miss you
how could
your words have
ever been true
the coldest thing
is that you dont
miss me like i miss you
do you want to
see inside me
all the dark places
where i try and hide
you know
im sorry for
what i said
what i did

you dont sleep
but its not
from thinking about
me or we
or what we dreamed
or how we lost it
my consolation
my comfort
when i sleep
is that i know
that one day soon
i wont be cut
this deep
only the strong
yeah right
gone to soon

do i ever cross
your mind
when you say
goodnight to the moon
i want you back
or out of my mind
for now
i cant find
a moments peace
but i can see
the other side
bitter yup
sweet im not
how do i
build bridges
when i cant
break down these
walls of broken

and failed
i just want
to hear you say
just another day
i wish i never
ducked your calls
i wish i never
cared at all
insecurity is
never sexy
you celebrated
my complexity
then you left me
and im more alone
yeah i said it

i regret it
and i dont care
who knows
or if you see this
all i know is i miss you

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