Saturday, September 11, 2010

Graffiti On Castles

my words are like graffiti
on the walls i cant break through
you may or may not
like where they take you
if you stare at them long enough
the picture becomes clear
they come to life full
of things that you fear
when i stare at them
i see broken dreams,
plans, goals,
get rich quick schemes,
smoke screens,
insatiable discontent
unskilled labor
that struggles
to pay the rent
i dont chase greatness
out of nobility.
i chase greatness
because of
the drowning sensation
of overwhelming futility.
like a kid
that wants to please someone
to get validated
that never felt embraced,
cherished, treasured, or celebrated
no one ever is to blame.
no need to trace
back to the source
just train like life
is an olympic
obstacle course
we are universes
with our own
gravitational pull
spaces that are empty
that we want
to be full
its not that she's from Venus
and i am from Mars
its that we
hate our own gutters
and wish on our on stars