Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Love Always Theory

i eat the poison peaches of
genorosities consequence
recognizing the rockabye
that is my punishment
for my selflessness
peppered with poor judgement
still I see clearly
that I am not an innocent
recipes for disastrous remedies
try to make them free
echoing lies of loyalty
when they don't hold the door for me
there is no true repentance
and faux empathic remorse will flee
a dream now actualized
without disguise reveals a bitter reality
interdependence no longer required
and no longer desired
becomes a 3 dimensional mirror
and must expire or be retired
niceties and politics
are chocolate coated devious tricks
optimism inspired
childishly selfishly ungratefully
and they imagine invisibly conspired
still they dance around
and pretend to be
a friend to me
enslaved by disciplines
and socially accepted behaviors
seeing themselves as the thing to be
as proven by superficialities
pomp and circumstantial ceremonies
feeling they have acted gainfully
when in actuality
they are exposed like prey
before predators they provoked
like adolescents
that chase away parental figures
behind deception cleverly cloaked
tatting my mind with

guns n roses rockstar poses

welcome to the jungle kinfolk
i accept that my own fallacies distracted me
and when i should have spoke i choked
that is the cause of my rage
and in my true nature
i want them to feel its full effect
i would love to see
the paralysis in their eyes
when they realize
i'm a master of what they project
i want to be there
when it all becomes clear that
their eyes were more blind
than mine in retrospect
they chose to see me as a soft fool
instead of old school
golden rule
so i want to smell their fear
when i raise my voice and i inflect
when i Cry vengeance
like i cry freedom
and how sweet it will be to see them
in the moment when the lesson is learned
and the light comes on
they weren't listening when i spoke
and not paying attention when
the soundtrack to my solitude thumped

i aint no joke
or pawn
and like military strategy
similar to the art of war by sun tzu
the rope a dope by ali and
the law of power
enforced by me
their complete annihilation
surrounded by everything they built
crumbled to the ground around them
true remorse is born
when i let loose the full force of me
there will surely be
many casualties of war
and much collateral damage
decades of warnings
that have gone unheeded
assuming my forces are too depleted
without fear of my rampage
never comprehending my disciplines
and my behaviour
and how complex to be a saviour
forgetting all the world is a stage
i almost feel sympathy
my heart lobbys my military for mercy
knowing its time to engage
no longer will i try to deny my surroundings
a jungle
where lovers and peacemakers are outlaws
die or get educated
love and peace cannot be legislated
cannot be demonstrated
to minds evolved to see
the beautiful things decimated
they are truly just like me
they create
in the world that we share
a war mentality
take no prisoners
domination celebrated
i accept now
as an absolute truth
love and peace
can not be perpetuated
or replicated
much less created
inside you
by me.
so what else is a man to do but
serve you up what you brew
let you have your fill
of what seems to be the natural order
an end has to come
to your mythologizing
its time to harvest
the fruit of your labor
prescription for your disorder
your contradictions and conflicts reveal
weakness division and indecision
i look around you and
i see open borders
a destruction so complete
it brings death
to your philosophies
even your way of life
no infrastructure
brick or mortar
the scene cuts to a reporter...
"On the ground where titans once stood,
where spartans consumated and devestated,
the protagonist was soundly defeated,
all beefs were resolved,
all debates were silenced,
a vicious circle was infiltrated
and its Don laid to rest.
A hopeful visionary
thought it the perfect place
for seeds to be planted
and he stated"...
"whats true inside me
is true outside me.
Inside my heart and mind
is where my hunger will be satiated
and the only place
love and peace
will be cultivated"