Thursday, September 30, 2010

seu corpo é poesia

Seus lábios macios e cheio
feito para meus
seu pescoço e ombros
chamam aos lábios
e meu toque
Eu amo a sua sombra
Eu amo o marrom
de seus olhos e cabelo
seu corpo é a maneira perfeita
esquecer o passado
a primeira vez que eu toco em você
Parece que pela primeira vez
Eu quero você como 17 im
sua camisa sobe acima de sua cabeça
e os seus braços e cair no chão
chegar atrás de você
e seu sutiã cai
seu corpo perfeito
Não como uma pintura
mas como um corpo
as maiores pinturas
foram feitas a partir
Eu não sinto nenhuma pressa
Eu só quero
afundá-lo no
encher minha mente
com a prova de Deus
você está em pé
e sua saia
cai no chão
sua calcinha
alta nas laterais
e tão sexy
suas pernas
pequeno, mas perfeito
todo o seu corpo
como um corpo
deve olhar
se recostar
na cama
e expor
me para uma nova
onde há
são diferentes
leis e línguas
e eu falo para você
em línguas
e no meu
joelhos eu rezo
no seu templo


Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

Your lips soft and full
made for mine
your neck and shoulders
call out to my lips
and my touch
i love your shade
i love the brown
of your eyes and hair
your body is the perfect way
to forget yesterday
the first time i touch you
feels like the first time
i want you like im 17
your shirt rises above your head
and off your arms and falls to the ground
you reach behind you
and your bra falls away
your body perfect
not like a painting
but like a body
the greatest paintings
were made from
i dont feel any rush
i just want to
soak you in
fill my mind
with proof of God
youre standing
and your skirt
falls to the floor
your panties
high on the sides
and so sexy
your legs
small but perfect
your whole body
like a body
should look
you lie back
on the bed
and expose
me to a new
where there
are different
laws and languages
and i speak to you
in tongues
and on my
knees i pray
at your temple


Heat, flashes of light made my face warm there were arms around my waist from behind they squeezed me tight like a hug huey lewis played lisa loeb stayed my life drifted up into the air small fires had no coals to support it never burned out in my mind we were tribal and ritualistic we danced around our own bon fires fed each others fears and desires she was vague he was lost they were never really known by me or me known by them still we danced like fine young canibals i could feel that we were primitive that we really had no idea about the world outside our world life is like a fire it burns down and it burns up we roll in vicious circles matching sets flocks of seagulls treasured pets you served me i served you my perception of your reality and yours of mine i remember the scent of the season falling into winter the scent of fire a fire that consumes exhumes robs the grave and buries again i didn't know it was the last time that i could feel you feel me

Rise and Fall

I thought i could just erase you.
thought maybe i wouldn't try to embrace.
searching for eternal sunshine.
but i cant erase you
from my heart and my mind
i just wanted you
to be with me on my grind
a higher love
i thought
we would both find
now i dont know
what i did with my time
maybe all i gained
was a few lines
verses that plague
like curses
from a truth
so vague
i would beg
you to come back
but i cant
replace what i lack
ive tasted
impossible fantasies
with goddess monsters
romancing me
now i cant tell
where i fail
and i succeed
love is my only greed
24play is my only need
need a tourniquet
for the way i bleed
its like i
feel this death in me
i try to bury
i try to burn
but i never learn
when it comes to this
im retarded
busted heart
never knew how
to guard it
or even if i should
fill your places
with new faces
knowing i just
because i
can never
but nothing
seems to inebriate
i live and die
to create my fate
dont know how
to wait
but its too late
no more debate
no more pushing
you to pull
try to make you full
asking you to fill
up these pains
that kill
a little bit of me
each day
no way
brand new day
said that you
would always stay
im serious
i never play
when it comes to this
when it comes to bliss
loving you is wrong
i dont even
want to waste
a song
vicious circles
because im square
no entrance left
for me to fare
i cant find you
burning bridges
that take me
and now
i dont want to
go forward
you put this pain
in me
with the best
of intentions
headlines and inventions
somethings ill never mention
but i miss you like
i cant breathe
i want to chase you away
and beg you to come back to me
you were the rise
and the fall of me
now im less
than i was
and not enough
to rise above
these stars of mine
left you thinking
im unkind
i lost my mind
i lost my heart
i dont want to hide
what i feel inside
simplistic lines
cliched style of rhymes
too weak for these times
your voice isn't on my phone
now im back alone
without you

Amour Remise

comme le rouge des oiseaux me réveille à l'intérieur à l'arrivée du printemps.

comme la floraison des fleurs éveillent en moi le désir d'amour.

Je me rends compte que mon amour pour vous est celui de mes rêves

la force que vous avez à vous pour vous voir se concentre mon esprit et mon coeur sur vous.

seriez-vous danser avec moi pendant au moins une durée de vie?

je suis que des oiseaux de l'âme d'un poète.

Je vois clairement que vos plumes sont plus lumineux et plus rare que le mien.

J'espère toujours que vous pouvez entendre la beauté de ma chanson.

la chanson que je chante est pour vous.

même si vous êtes mon seul muse.

vous me faire sourire intérieur.

Je vais chanter à haute voix de manière i obtenir votre attention.

Je chanterai l'amour jusqu'à ce que vous me.

Till Your Love Surrenders

like the red robin wakes me up inside
to the coming of spring.
like the blooming flowers
awaken in me the desire for new love.
and i realize that its your love i dream of.
the strength you have to be yourself
to see yourself
focuses my mind and heart on you.
would you dance with me
through at least one lifetime?
i am that common bird
with the soul of a poet.
i see clearly that your feathers
are brighter and more rare than mine.
still i hope that you can hear
the beauty in my song.
the song that i sing is to you.
even if you are only my muse.
you make me smile inside.
i will sing loudly
so i get your attention.
i will sing until you love me to.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Touch Me

If i hold your door for you
will that change your world for you
if i sweep you off your feet
satisfy your every need
will i be the one you see
or will you be
like the ones that vacation here
share my smokes and my beer
satisfy their need for love
their need for touch
away from home for awhile
where they dont get much
i have your flowers
i have your poems
i have this white horse
that will ride us off
into the sunset
i have a lifetime
of things to say about
your beauty
but not just outside
because if all you
are is beautiful
on the outside
then ill trade
you in a minute
for someone i
can have a
conversation with
just like you
would trade me
after i satisfy
you sexually
for a man with abs
or more money
but im still your
i give you romance
in stereo
im that prince
that you seek
im whats missing
in your life
so for evolution
lets start a revolution
and break free
of these vicious circles
you be my Mariah
and ill be your Steve Irkel
and when you need a bad boy
i can play that role
ive seen it done
seen it told
and sold
i only want to see you
you dont even see
that everything you look
for is right here in me.
the only way youre
ever going to find
a man that has
everything you
want and need
is to create one.
beyond that its
like an electrical storm
or when its warm in december
im the man you want to remember
ill sing to you
and write you rhymes
the thing you have to see
is that i feel free to be me
and when you feel free to be you
you will understand what i do

Love Always Theory

I'm in a canoe

Im in my white body
with my cherokee blood.
My black soul reminded of
when I escaped from the hoods.
Drifting on water
stolen from illegals.
Wind from the flight
of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
I can hear
Robert Pirsigs motorcycle pass.
I drink water
turned wine from an outdated flask.
I discuss Taoism
with tigger and Winnie the Pooh
as eye stare at the stars
on my back in a canoe.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


How can you smile
the way you do
how can you not
miss me like i
miss you
how could
your words have
ever been true
the coldest thing
is that you dont
miss me like i miss you
do you want to
see inside me
all the dark places
where i try and hide
you know
im sorry for
what i said
what i did

you dont sleep
but its not
from thinking about
me or we
or what we dreamed
or how we lost it
my consolation
my comfort
when i sleep
is that i know
that one day soon
i wont be cut
this deep
only the strong
yeah right
gone to soon

do i ever cross
your mind
when you say
goodnight to the moon
i want you back
or out of my mind
for now
i cant find
a moments peace
but i can see
the other side
bitter yup
sweet im not
how do i
build bridges
when i cant
break down these
walls of broken

and failed
i just want
to hear you say
just another day
i wish i never
ducked your calls
i wish i never
cared at all
insecurity is
never sexy
you celebrated
my complexity
then you left me
and im more alone
yeah i said it

i regret it
and i dont care
who knows
or if you see this
all i know is i miss you

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Review of Love Always Theory

Theron Kennedy's poetry impresses, as much for its simplicity as it is for its hidden complexity. Using everyday language, casual punctuation, and a relaxed voice, Mr. Kennedy puts the reader at ease, allowing them to feel a sense of friendly camaraderie before they slowly come to realize that the easy-to-read format is merely a disguise, and that each poem is built with layer after layer of philosophical questioning.

Love Always Theory is a masterpiece of subtlety, rhyme, and emotion. Kennedy speaks of life and love in a plain way that will resonate deeply with readers. The book is full of raw emotion, questioning life, love and the very nature of being. It is both heartbreaking and profound.

The book is well rounded in tone, as Kennedy explores his place in the world at large, and as a lover, in particular. His slyly hidden meanings are shaken loose by the depth of feeling the reader experiences when reading his work. What, at first seemed a simple poem, becomes an intricate puzzle as it is read and reread.

Kennedy uses his love of music to employ rhyme and rhythm that keep his poems flowing so well that they seem to carry their own music with them. His unique style and voice blend to create a beautifully written exploration of the world, particularly the meaning of life and love. Love Always Theory is a book not to be missed by anyone dedicated to the art of poetry.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Love Always Theory

i eat the poison peaches of
genorosities consequence
recognizing the rockabye
that is my punishment
for my selflessness
peppered with poor judgement
still I see clearly
that I am not an innocent
recipes for disastrous remedies
try to make them free
echoing lies of loyalty
when they don't hold the door for me
there is no true repentance
and faux empathic remorse will flee
a dream now actualized
without disguise reveals a bitter reality
interdependence no longer required
and no longer desired
becomes a 3 dimensional mirror
and must expire or be retired
niceties and politics
are chocolate coated devious tricks
optimism inspired
childishly selfishly ungratefully
and they imagine invisibly conspired
still they dance around
and pretend to be
a friend to me
enslaved by disciplines
and socially accepted behaviors
seeing themselves as the thing to be
as proven by superficialities
pomp and circumstantial ceremonies
feeling they have acted gainfully
when in actuality
they are exposed like prey
before predators they provoked
like adolescents
that chase away parental figures
behind deception cleverly cloaked
tatting my mind with

guns n roses rockstar poses

welcome to the jungle kinfolk
i accept that my own fallacies distracted me
and when i should have spoke i choked
that is the cause of my rage
and in my true nature
i want them to feel its full effect
i would love to see
the paralysis in their eyes
when they realize
i'm a master of what they project
i want to be there
when it all becomes clear that
their eyes were more blind
than mine in retrospect
they chose to see me as a soft fool
instead of old school
golden rule
so i want to smell their fear
when i raise my voice and i inflect
when i Cry vengeance
like i cry freedom
and how sweet it will be to see them
in the moment when the lesson is learned
and the light comes on
they weren't listening when i spoke
and not paying attention when
the soundtrack to my solitude thumped

i aint no joke
or pawn
and like military strategy
similar to the art of war by sun tzu
the rope a dope by ali and
the law of power
enforced by me
their complete annihilation
surrounded by everything they built
crumbled to the ground around them
true remorse is born
when i let loose the full force of me
there will surely be
many casualties of war
and much collateral damage
decades of warnings
that have gone unheeded
assuming my forces are too depleted
without fear of my rampage
never comprehending my disciplines
and my behaviour
and how complex to be a saviour
forgetting all the world is a stage
i almost feel sympathy
my heart lobbys my military for mercy
knowing its time to engage
no longer will i try to deny my surroundings
a jungle
where lovers and peacemakers are outlaws
die or get educated
love and peace cannot be legislated
cannot be demonstrated
to minds evolved to see
the beautiful things decimated
they are truly just like me
they create
in the world that we share
a war mentality
take no prisoners
domination celebrated
i accept now
as an absolute truth
love and peace
can not be perpetuated
or replicated
much less created
inside you
by me.
so what else is a man to do but
serve you up what you brew
let you have your fill
of what seems to be the natural order
an end has to come
to your mythologizing
its time to harvest
the fruit of your labor
prescription for your disorder
your contradictions and conflicts reveal
weakness division and indecision
i look around you and
i see open borders
a destruction so complete
it brings death
to your philosophies
even your way of life
no infrastructure
brick or mortar
the scene cuts to a reporter...
"On the ground where titans once stood,
where spartans consumated and devestated,
the protagonist was soundly defeated,
all beefs were resolved,
all debates were silenced,
a vicious circle was infiltrated
and its Don laid to rest.
A hopeful visionary
thought it the perfect place
for seeds to be planted
and he stated"...
"whats true inside me
is true outside me.
Inside my heart and mind
is where my hunger will be satiated
and the only place
love and peace
will be cultivated"

Eye aM U

Who do you say I am?
and why do you say?
what makes you
see me that way?
when did I become
the person that you see?
when exactly did you
start to see me?
where was I?
where were you?
Did you know
that I can see you too?
why did you come
into my life?
why did you choose
me to teach?
Who do you say that I am?
what makes you say that?
when did you start to see?
where did you find me?
why did you come into my life?
I say that I am you.
I say that we are one.
I say that this
is how we
become free.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Graffiti On Castles

my words are like graffiti
on the walls i cant break through
you may or may not
like where they take you
if you stare at them long enough
the picture becomes clear
they come to life full
of things that you fear
when i stare at them
i see broken dreams,
plans, goals,
get rich quick schemes,
smoke screens,
insatiable discontent
unskilled labor
that struggles
to pay the rent
i dont chase greatness
out of nobility.
i chase greatness
because of
the drowning sensation
of overwhelming futility.
like a kid
that wants to please someone
to get validated
that never felt embraced,
cherished, treasured, or celebrated
no one ever is to blame.
no need to trace
back to the source
just train like life
is an olympic
obstacle course
we are universes
with our own
gravitational pull
spaces that are empty
that we want
to be full
its not that she's from Venus
and i am from Mars
its that we
hate our own gutters
and wish on our on stars